In addition to its other programming, the Ohioana Library produces both print and digital publications to help keep readers informed about literary news in Ohio.


Ohioana Quarterly

The Ohioana Quarterly was established in 1958 as a way of highlighting the books received by the Ohioana Library and providing support for Ohio authors. Published four times a year, the Quarterly features reviews of recent books, author interviews, articles about the literary and cultural arts in Ohio, and an annotated list of new books received at the library.

Submit Books Writers born in Ohio or writers who have lived in Ohio for five years or more are eligible to  have their books included in our collection. To submit books, please send two copies of the book to the Ohioana Library, 274 East First Avenue, Columbus OH  43201. Each book will be annotated in the Ohioana Quarterly and will be considered for review. Because we rely on volunteer reviewers, a review is not guaranteed. Due to budget constraints, we also do not accept self-published books, ebooks (unless they are provided to us in published form), or audiobooks.

Become a Reviewer The Ohioana Quarterly is supported by the work of volunteer reviewers  who receive a copy of the book and our undying gratitude for their payment. If you would like to become a reviewer, please contact the Editor via our Contact page. You will be asked to provide a resume and samples of your work. For more information, see our Review Guidelines.

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Ohioana publishes an electronic newsletter that includes articles, book reviews, lists of books received during the previous month, and upcoming literary events around the state. Click below to see the latest issue! (To see back issues, click here.)